Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Mikey!

My son cracks me up! He really does. This morning, he ate 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast. Which, the doctor, and Lola said is to be expected. I was watching GMA while I was feeding him. I turned to put his bowl in the sink, and my little squirt was eating oatmeal out of my bowl. Apparently, he could reach it.

My now covered in oatmeal son was sucking on his arm like it was the most delicious steak. I took a ton of pictures to show Mike when he gets home. Because it was hilarious! Like if it was the last thing he would ever eat. And the most delicious thing!

Obviously, the boy needed a bath. In our house, that is always an adventure. Today was no different! He played and squealed the entire time. Got me and everything in the bathroom wet. All good. We had fun!

But the kicker for me was, when we went grocery shopping. After his bath and a nap, we went to Albertson's. My son sat there flirty with this 80 something year old lady. She was shopping at my speed. And was just behind me. Mikey was the biggest flirt. Winking, smiling, blowing kisses. I think we are going to be in trouble when he gets older!

By the time we got in line, he had this lady laughing so hard. It was too cute. Even I have to agree to that. But this boy! She ended up buying him a balloon that he liked. She was really nice. I have actually seen her a few times at Albertson's. I guess we shop on the same day.

But my son, he makes me laugh. Whether he is covered in oatmeal. Showering me for a second time. Or flirting with the 80 something year old lady. I just love that chubby little bundle of baby boy!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here We Go!!!

I'm giving in to the online trends. I did this a few years ago with MySpace. Then I forgot all about it. But I hear blogging and twitter are different. They keep your interests up. Whatever?! I just need something to keep me distracted while Mike is gone. He is my hubs. the love of my life. And a firefighter. He left yesterday to help in California. he and a bunch of his friends are trained in fighting Wild Fires. He did this the last time they had bad fires. I'm staying busy with Mikey, our 10 month old son. But it is quiet without Mike around. I miss him dearly! But before I know it, he will be home!