Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

We had a pretty amazing day today. And none of it could have happened without all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you all!

We took Mikey to the park. Mike wanted to take the wagon. So we loaded it up and left early. You know, before it gets hot out here.

When we got back home. Mikey napped. And Mike got to grilling. Can I say it? My hubby is an amazing cook! He didn't just grill all the meat. But he made some amazing food too!

And of course, Memorial Day is all about remembering those people who sacrificed so much for us. For our freedom. And just to allow us to be safe. Thank you!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 vs 1

Lately, I've been stressing a little bit. About going from 1 little boy, to 2. You know, this is a big adjustment. I was almost in a panic by this time during my 1st pregnancy. But we had a ton of support! And I did OK. Mostly because of Mike.

Now, I'm really stressed out. 2 little boys. Am I in over my head? Fine time to think about that. I'm a nut! Mike keeps telling me to just breathe. That it's going to be OK. I know he's right. But I also know it's going to be a little challenging.

For one, we're definitely not going to sleep. That's not new. All new parents lose tons of sleep! My worry is whether or not we are going to have enough time with each of our kids. You know, will Mikey feel neglected? Will we pay enough attention to the baby? I always feel like parents don't take the same amount of pictures of 2nd and 3rd babies. They forget to document all those things that they did with their 1st baby.

I want to be a good mom. But most of all, I want for my kids to feel loved. To feel special. And know that we love them so very much! I just hope I'm ready for everything in our future.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Like Dad

I had to go exchange some shorts for Mikey that my mom sent him. And while we were in line at Old Navy I saw this shirt...

I just had to get it for him. I know it's long sleeved. And it's a million degrees out. But I bought it big so he can wear it this fall. Mike really liked it too! He wanted to know where his "Hunk" shirt was too! :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clothes Shopping with Mike

Recently Mike and I went shopping at Target. He wanted to get me some summer clothes. When I was pregnant with Mikey, well in the summer I wasn't this big. So lots of my summery clothes don't fit. Here I thought that Mike was saving money to get himself his new TV. Really, he was saving up to take me shopping. What a sweetheart!

Here's some of what I picked up.

These cute denim shorts. For only $18! I like the dark wash. I got 2 pair. :)

And a couple of these t-shirts. I got them in purple, aqua, white, blue, and yellow. They were $13.

And some of these tanks for $10. In pink, teal, grey, black, and a striped red one.

I got a pair of these crops. For $25. On me, they hit a little under the knee. And I really like them for when we go to the park.

I also got this cute top! For $17.

And my favorite find was this dress. For $35. Isn't it cute?

My husband is a sweetheart! I can't believe he did that for me! Now, not matter what season we get pregnant next time, I should have the clothes that I need. Unless our baby is due in the dead of winter. But we're not going to think about that now. No we're not! instead, I'm going to go wash my new clothes so I can wear them. :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Around the Town

I LOVE Mike dearly. And I love that he's a fireman. But I just couldn't go with another Fireman themed room. Mikey's room is adorable! I really love it. But I wanted something different for Danny (he's already got a nickname!) I want some jungle animals. Mike wanted fire trucks. And we settled on this crib set with all sorts of cars, trains, and boats.

It's called "Around the Town." And we paid about $250 for everything. Including the mobile, some pictures, and the curtains. :)

Mikey already loves it! We got it in a few days ago. And I set it all up that night. The next morning when I was making breakfast, I found him sitting in his brother's room. Pointing to all the different pictures. He started to tell me what everything was. So cute!

That was Mike and I's compromise. I really like it. Mike painted the room a green to match the little trees. And it really makes the bedding pop. It's such a difference from our Fire Engine room.

If you didn't know, Mike picked out everything in Mikey's room. And we've decided to try once more after Danny is born. I'm hoping for a little girl to spoil. :) And Mike has said that I get to pick everything out for her!

In case you're wondering why we didn't just use Mikey's crib and bedding, like my mom is. We bought him the crib that grows into a toddler bed. Which he's using right now. And the bedding, it grows with it too. We just had to buy a few things. I really like this company. That's what we went with on Danny's too!