Friday, May 25, 2012

For Our Winged Friends

I don't think it's a shock, I'm not very crafty. I try. But I'm just not. Even with all my education. You know, I was supposed to go into the field of education. But well, you know. Life happens. I'm getting off topic here....

It's been so hot here. Been in the 90s for weeks! And the boys are dying to do all kinds of crazy things outside. They've hunted lizards for weeks! Literally, no lizard is safe in our yard!! They all end up in a jar. With 2 boys poking them. Staring at them. Just being curious.

Bugs get the same treatment. I find Mikey digging in the yard. And Danny standing there, with another jar. Ya, no jar is safe in our home. I do make sure, to poke holes in all the tops. I'm trying to save the creatures here. :)

With Mike being gone, fighting the wild fires, I'm all the kids have. So I've been trying extra hard. To be a good momma. We go on daily "nature walks." Early in the morning. It's the only time it's cool out. And in the evening, we head to the park. So they can play with their friends. But around the house, I'm a little at a loss. What can we do?

I found a fun project. That involves a Slinky, birdseed, and birds. Even I can manage this one! I bought all the supplies yesterday. And today, during the "peak heat hours," we're going to create some wonderful things. For our winged friends. :)

What are some of your "go-to" activities to do with your kids? Especially in the heat. We live in the desert. For about 5 months out of the year, it's tough to be outside, between 9AM and 7PM. I'd really like to hear some great ideas. I know my sons would appreciate it too!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a Blessing!

How was everyone's Mother's Day? Our was nice. Low key. And at home. It was really nice! Both my family, and Mike's came down for a visit. Which made it an extra special weekend for us. :) If you read Monday's post, you can's getting warm around here.

Our moms cooked all the food! And it was so good. I'm still stuffed! But I wanted to contribute something too. That's when I tried a new recipe. For cheesecake cookies. Um, hello! If the name of the recipe didn't interest you, well I'm not sure what will! But they were amazing!

And we just enjoyed a lot of time, with our family. Everyone melted over Mikey and their little suits. And Savannah, had everyone, wrapped around her little fingers. :) We don't get to see our families much. It's really unfortunate! But Mike's family lives 4 hours away. And mine, well they're a plane ride away!

It was a nice little visit. Everyone was so happy. Life was going well. And we were just enjoying life. It's nice to be spoiled by my momma, and momma-in-law! In some ways, it made me feel like a little girl again. To have my momma, make me a yummy breakfast in bed. The only difference was, I'm now nursing a sweet little girl. With 2 little guys, who couldn't decide if they wanted to eat with their momma, or daddy.

This was the kind of weekend, that we all needed! Low key. Surrounded by our loved ones. Unfortunately, before our families even left, Mike was called out to work. And with that, "Fire Season" has begun. We were all sad, to see him go. But I know, my husband is good at his job. And he enjoys it. Believe me, we're all praying. For Mike's fast, and safe return!


Monday, May 14, 2012

We NEED One!!

Not even going to lie here. It's already insanely H-O-T! The rest of the world, is excited about summer. I'm well, not so thrilled that the temps are already in the 90s. Years ago, when I was in college, it was great! Welcomed actually. But these days, with 3 kids, it's tough. My boys want to be outside. 24/7! Never mind that it's 110 degrees. They don't care!

And I feel bad. I don't want my kids to be stuck inside. Not when our summer pretty much begins in May. And ends at the end of September. I want them to enjoy the summer months. And the nice weather.

But we need some activities that will keep us cool. And I'm not just talking swimming. So I took to Pinterest for some inspiration. Look what I found!

It's a sprinkler! Made out of PVC pipe. It might have taken me a week, to track down the original post. But I did! Mike told me, that he could make one. He's calling it the "Kid Car Wash." And after Mikey happened to spot it on the computer, I was writing down the supply list. Well it is essentially set in stone! Mike can't get out of it now. :)

I do have to say, we're blessed. Not only is Mike the kind of guy, that enjoys DIY projects. But the firefighters, are always excited to help us out. Especially when it comes to our kids. So guess what's on tap, for their next day off? This bad boy! My boys are so excited! They keep calling this, the "wimmin wower." If you didn't get that, it's the swimming shower. :) How cute! This momma might even have to run through it too!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Can't Wait!!

Until Savannah is old enough, to play in the sand. I found this picture on Pinterest, and I just fell in love! I'm going to keep my eyes opened, for this little bathing suit. Isn't it adorable? These are the things I dreamt of, when I dreamt of having a daughter. Pink, ruffles, and the girly things!

I also can't wait, until Savannah is old enough, to go to Georgia. And play in the sand. Like I did, when I was little. When my baby girl, is big enough, to explore new things. And enjoy the beautiful state I'm from. :)

Yes, I'm counting down the days. When we can hangout on the beach. Our entire family! And enjoy building sand castles, playing in the water, and soaking up some sun. These are the things, I always dreamt of, when I dreamt about being a momma.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?

Mike and I, have been looking for some DIY projects to tackle. Outside. For our boys. They are very curious, and active. My boys, are totally the typical "boy." Their days include chasing our dog, hunting lizards, and digging in the yard. Nightly baths, are not optional in our home.

We have a nice playset for them. That they love! I tell you, I've got 2 little monkeys here. :) But we're always looking for something new. Something to keep the boys active. And to keep their sense of exploring going on.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. On I Heart Naptime. Which happens to be one of my favorite blogs! Who would have thought? A tire...into a sandbox. :)

We happen to have a friend, who has a Ranch. And I'm tempted to call him, and ask him if he has any old tires. I think this would be a fun project to tackle with the boys. Something that they've helped their daddy build.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Looks Yummy!

I have to come clean here. I'm a bit of a sweet tea and diet Coke addict. It's a little troubling really. But since I was pregnant with Danny, I cut myself off of my 2 favorite drinks. I mean, really, that can't be good for my babies. And you know, I've been a breastfeeding momma. So it's been since the Fall of 2009, since we were daily friends. Although, daily....I have to fight the cravings!!

So for the last few years, I've stuck to water. Water with lemon. Water with lime. Water with orange. Water with cucumber. Mike has attempted to get me to drink Sun Tea. But I just can't do it! I mean, just makes me depressed. I'm used to that "sweet nectar of the Southern Gods!"

I really wish that I had the patience to make aguas. They are super yummy. And not sweet. But a little time consuming. So I just indulge, when we go out to eat. :) Around here, they are at all the local restaurants. I might need to make an excuse, to go out tonight.

You see, I'm always fearful, that if I eat or drink too much will affect my babies. Since Mikey was a baby, I've been making frozen treats for us. Less sugar. More fresh fruit. Delicious! But the drink situation, I've never really thought "outside the box." I just dilute my kids' juice. But nothing else. Until now.

Blame it all on Pinterest! Because that's where I found this picture. But there was no link. No description. Nothing. But it looked so yummy! And it got me thinking. :)

We make fresh lemonade. Pretty often in the Spring and Summer. But this is a fresh spin on things! Raspberry or strawberry iced cubes. With the lemonade. Oh, doesn't that sound like heaven to you? To me it does! Heck, I might just make a ton of these fruit ice cubes. To add to my water. Yummy!