Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to Our Family Danny!

Mikey has a new baby brother! Daniel (Danny) waited for his Daddy to come home! Mike was able to come home for a week. And he arrived early on July 14th. The night before, I had begun having some fierce contractions. And I labored well into the morning of July 15th. But it was all worth it. Just to meet our little man! Danny we love you so much. Our family was definitely not complete without you. I see an entire lifetime of fun ahead for our family! But for now, I'm going to be spending lots of time with my boys!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Love 21 Maternity

Ya, I'm still pregnant. My husband is still 100s of miles away fighting a fire. But my in-laws are here with me and Mikey. :) They surprised us for the holiday. I'm so glad they did!

In other news...

Did you know that Forever 21 now has their own line of maternity wear? It's called Love 21 Maternity. I found out about it on twitter.

They don't have much. Just 7 tops and 6 bottoms. But it's cute stuff. All between $4.80-19.80. Not bad at all! And I really like this outfit...

If I wasn't so far along in my pregnancy, like weeks from delivery, I might take the hour drive to do some shopping. But it's good to know. You know for next time around! OK, maybe my MIL and I have planned a small trip to the city tomorrow. :)


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crying Like a Big Baby

I've been really down today. I just can't shake it. And I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I'm thinking, It's because Mike is away fighting the wildfire in CO. And I'm due later this month. I miss Mike so much. It feels like he's been gone for months.

Poor Danny. I hope his daddy doesn't miss his birth. He went north a few weeks ago. I was so stressed out. But he had to fight this fire. Now, he's in CO. Maybe Mike might get to come home just for a few days. Or Danny can wait a few more. Or maybe, I'm just dreaming.

My parents are in LA. That's where I'm originally from. And my in-laws live 4 hours north of here. But I have great friends. I just miss my husband. My in-laws are supposed to be planning to come down here and stay with us for a while. My FIL has agreed to watch Mikey when I go into labor. And my MIL is going to be with me at the hospital. My parents are going to come after Danny gets here. Because last time, they didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with Mikey. We're trying something new here.

But I'm still sad. The gloomy and stormy weather we've been having in the afternoon/evenings/nights isn't helping either. But there's not much you can do about that. I've been crying at commercials, pictures, songs. I'm a little emotional these days. But right now, I'm going to go snuggle up with my napping boy. I feel like I need a nap too!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

He's Not Coming Home

About a week ago, we thought Mike would be coming home. Instead, his team is headed to CO. To help with that fire. I'm really starting to freak out! I'm less than a month away from my due date. And it looks like Mike won't make it home before Danny is born.

Worst of all, my in-laws can't come until July 20th. I'm praying that my boy stays put until then. And my parents are visiting my sister in GA for the long holiday weekend. An extended week. Because my sister just had my niece! Yesterday! Little Madelyn Grace is a sweety pie! I wish I could be there too.

But my parents will be coming after Danny is born. I'm so excited! Maybe they will bring my little sister and her darling family. :) But I'm still scared and nervous. We have great friends here. But it's not the same without our families. Especially Mike. I hope it all works out. Because I want Mike to be here for Danny's birth. :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I'm loving this new show! I know, it's targeted to teens. But I really like it. I can't lie. And I find myself wishing the week could go by faster so I can watch the next episode. Am I nuts? It's like an inside to the "cool club." Which I wasn't a part of in high school. No matter what people say. I just wasn't' that cool.

I really like the style of the girls. I wish I was younger so I could pull off some of their fun looks. And the makeup is amazing! I just love everything about this show! Are you watching?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nearby Fire

We have a big fire right outside the city limits. A wildfire! It's ridiculous! None of our "Hot Shot" teams are around either. Most of the ones from the southern part of our state, are up north. Fighting the big wildfire. Worst of all, this fire was started by the fire academy! Yes, they were doing training for the new recruits. I can't believe it!

Our fire department has requested that some fire fighters from AZ come. And they're on their way. With a plane too. I can't believe this! Isn't this nuts?

In other fire related news, Mike is still up north. It makes me so sad. But there's not much else I can do. Besides taking care of my little man, our pup, and the house. And of course, the little man growing in my belly!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pearl Earrings

I'm from the south originally. LA Baton Rouge to be exact. I grew up around all these really amazing Southern women. Always wearing their pearls. And I've always wanted a pair. But the real ones are kinda pricey. So I buy mine at Claire's. 3 pairs for $6, or something like that! But I was doing some google searches, and I saw these...

They're beautiful! And over $1000 a pair. Because they're Mikimoto. We definitely can't afford those. And I really don't need some that expensive. On a recent trip to the mall, I seen some for $300. Maybe if I'm really good, I'll get a pair for our 3rd Anniversary in January!


Monday, June 7, 2010


Over a month ago, I planted some peonies. Well, the bulbs. Because they were much cheaper. Think $5 for 2 bulbs vs $25 for 1 plant. I don't know much about gardening. Our poor strawberry plants last year learned all too well!

But I thought I'd take a chance. And I planted 4 bulbs. All outside the kitchen window. I planted other kinds of bulbs around the yard. Those flowers are HUGE! Well not the flowers. But the leaves to them. The stems are starting to come out too. I think we should have flowers in no time!

My peonies are not showing any sort of sign of life. It makes me so sad. Because these are one of my favorite flowers. I found this garden forum. And it didn't help much. But it made me a little disappointed...

Look at that gorgeous flower! I just wanted a few of these. Looks like I should probably have tried them in a pot first. Oh well. What can you do now? I'm just going to keep watering them. Maybe by some miracle, they'll come to life. I hope so!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Fire

Mike is headed north. Remember, he's part of the "Hot Shot" team that fights wildfires. The fire house where Mike works, almost all the guys are on the team. Everyone left today. I'm sad. I'm exactly 1 month from my due date.

There is a big fire up north. I'm hoping that it isn't too bad. I really don't want Danny to be born without his daddy being here. Let's just hope that no other fires begin either. Because I'm not sure how good I'm going to handle Mike not being here for the birth of our son.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

We had a pretty amazing day today. And none of it could have happened without all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you all!

We took Mikey to the park. Mike wanted to take the wagon. So we loaded it up and left early. You know, before it gets hot out here.

When we got back home. Mikey napped. And Mike got to grilling. Can I say it? My hubby is an amazing cook! He didn't just grill all the meat. But he made some amazing food too!

And of course, Memorial Day is all about remembering those people who sacrificed so much for us. For our freedom. And just to allow us to be safe. Thank you!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 vs 1

Lately, I've been stressing a little bit. About going from 1 little boy, to 2. You know, this is a big adjustment. I was almost in a panic by this time during my 1st pregnancy. But we had a ton of support! And I did OK. Mostly because of Mike.

Now, I'm really stressed out. 2 little boys. Am I in over my head? Fine time to think about that. I'm a nut! Mike keeps telling me to just breathe. That it's going to be OK. I know he's right. But I also know it's going to be a little challenging.

For one, we're definitely not going to sleep. That's not new. All new parents lose tons of sleep! My worry is whether or not we are going to have enough time with each of our kids. You know, will Mikey feel neglected? Will we pay enough attention to the baby? I always feel like parents don't take the same amount of pictures of 2nd and 3rd babies. They forget to document all those things that they did with their 1st baby.

I want to be a good mom. But most of all, I want for my kids to feel loved. To feel special. And know that we love them so very much! I just hope I'm ready for everything in our future.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Like Dad

I had to go exchange some shorts for Mikey that my mom sent him. And while we were in line at Old Navy I saw this shirt...

I just had to get it for him. I know it's long sleeved. And it's a million degrees out. But I bought it big so he can wear it this fall. Mike really liked it too! He wanted to know where his "Hunk" shirt was too! :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clothes Shopping with Mike

Recently Mike and I went shopping at Target. He wanted to get me some summer clothes. When I was pregnant with Mikey, well in the summer I wasn't this big. So lots of my summery clothes don't fit. Here I thought that Mike was saving money to get himself his new TV. Really, he was saving up to take me shopping. What a sweetheart!

Here's some of what I picked up.

These cute denim shorts. For only $18! I like the dark wash. I got 2 pair. :)

And a couple of these t-shirts. I got them in purple, aqua, white, blue, and yellow. They were $13.

And some of these tanks for $10. In pink, teal, grey, black, and a striped red one.

I got a pair of these crops. For $25. On me, they hit a little under the knee. And I really like them for when we go to the park.

I also got this cute top! For $17.

And my favorite find was this dress. For $35. Isn't it cute?

My husband is a sweetheart! I can't believe he did that for me! Now, not matter what season we get pregnant next time, I should have the clothes that I need. Unless our baby is due in the dead of winter. But we're not going to think about that now. No we're not! instead, I'm going to go wash my new clothes so I can wear them. :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Around the Town

I LOVE Mike dearly. And I love that he's a fireman. But I just couldn't go with another Fireman themed room. Mikey's room is adorable! I really love it. But I wanted something different for Danny (he's already got a nickname!) I want some jungle animals. Mike wanted fire trucks. And we settled on this crib set with all sorts of cars, trains, and boats.

It's called "Around the Town." And we paid about $250 for everything. Including the mobile, some pictures, and the curtains. :)

Mikey already loves it! We got it in a few days ago. And I set it all up that night. The next morning when I was making breakfast, I found him sitting in his brother's room. Pointing to all the different pictures. He started to tell me what everything was. So cute!

That was Mike and I's compromise. I really like it. Mike painted the room a green to match the little trees. And it really makes the bedding pop. It's such a difference from our Fire Engine room.

If you didn't know, Mike picked out everything in Mikey's room. And we've decided to try once more after Danny is born. I'm hoping for a little girl to spoil. :) And Mike has said that I get to pick everything out for her!

In case you're wondering why we didn't just use Mikey's crib and bedding, like my mom is. We bought him the crib that grows into a toddler bed. Which he's using right now. And the bedding, it grows with it too. We just had to buy a few things. I really like this company. That's what we went with on Danny's too!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maternity Bathing Suit

Bathing suit shopping is horrible enough. But having to do it pregnant, well it really stinks! I went to Target looking for a suit. Because Mikey already wants to be in the water. I didn't find anything for me. But we got him a few pairs of swimming trunks. They are too cute!

I usually really like Liz Lang's line at Target. But the bathing suits weren't very impressive. But I did find some I like at Old Navy. And Mike was such a trooper! He kept going to get me different sizes and colors as I was in the dressing room. :)

I decided on this cute top. It was on sale for $19.50. And I really like how supportive and covered it is. That was my problem with the ones at Target. They weren't too covered up. And with an 18 month old, I need some security in my suit!

And these bottoms. Nothing fancy. But they're nice. And only $15.

What do you think? I really like the suit. And know we can start swimming more often. We also bought a few things for Mike and Mikey. And we got our dog a new collar. It was definitely a good trip!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Target Dresses

We went to Target to go do some shopping. I really needed a few maternity pieces. You know, being dressed and pregnant, well it's not the best. I'm not going to lie, when I was pregnant with Mikey, I would run around the house in t-shirts and underwear. You know, when you get to your last trimester, clothes just become too much!

But this time around, I have a son. A 18 month old son. So I want to be a good mommy. And wear clothes. I'm really liking dresses. Because being pregnant, it feels more like you're not wearing clothes. So I bought 3 dresses...

I like this one. I'm not in love with it. But I like it. I figure I can wear it to church or anywhere a little more dressy. I do like the fit of it a lot though. It's a little more than I'd have liked to spend, $40. But I figure I can wear a lot. And save it for our next pregnancy.

Because we live in the desert, and here it's hottest from May-July, I got this dress. It's really really comfy and cute. Perfect for play dates at the park! And it was $37.

I bought this dress because we're invited to 3 weddings this summer. I think this would be a nice dress. Even in the heat of the summer. And you can style it so many ways! Different shoes, jewelry, etc. Oh and I can use it during my next pregnancy. This was a very good $40 spent!

I really like Target in general. I shop there for a lot of our clothes and housewares. It's just good quality, nice style, and won't break the bank! But Liz Lang's line is my favorite! At least for maternity wear! I've been wearing almost everything I wore when I was pregnant with Mikey. And it has helped up so well!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had such a nice day. The Easter bunny definitely spoiled Mikey this year. And he really enjoyed his Easter much more than last year. :)

We started out with church. Which was a lot of fun. We all got dressed up. And then they had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Lots and lots of fun! Then we headed out for breakfast. Where we met up with some of the guys from the fire house. They had this for Mikey!

Thanks guys! I don't know if he needed another Easter basket. But he loved it! He got a total of 5 baskets this year. Spoiled little guy, huh?

The guys come over with some of their families. Most of the guys are still single. And we had a nice dinner and Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was really a lot of fun! And before he went to bed, Mikey asked to his Jesus stories. :) We read from his Children's Bible in the morning and we usually read a book at night. I guess he just knew today was about Jesus. :)


Friday, April 2, 2010

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy...I Got Love in My Tummy

And I was right! We're having a baby boy! Finally our little guy decided to cooperate with us. At our last appointment, we couldn't find out if we were having a boy or girl. He just didn't want to let us know! But this time around, our little guy cooperated a bit more. :)

We have a name picked out. Daniel. No middle name yet. We're working on that. You know, since it's official that we're having another little man. :) In case you're wondering, it's Daniel is after Mike's brother. He passed away a few years ago. And we just wanted to honor him.

We have just about 15 weeks to wait for our little man now. I really need to get moving on our nursery. Oh the nursery...that's a whole other story for another blog. But we are so excited about having another son!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nursery Furniture

If you've ever had a baby, you know it's expensive. We learned that with Mikey. Mike and I thanked our lucky stars that we had a small wedding in Vegas. Because we got pregnant right after we got married. And we had to buy tons and tons of stuff. I was still in college, and he was the only one working.

This time around, well hasn't been much easier on our bank account. Because we got Mikey furniture to grow with him. So no handing down our nursery furniture. And we just bought a house! So we're on a budget. And I've been searching...

Recently, I have found this cute set. The DaVinci Kalani Collection. We got it at Target. In the color expresso. And to be honest, we waited until one of their baby sales. And we got this entire set for $1200 and free shipping. Yes, it was less expensive online than in the store. So weird! We just finished setting it all up. :)

This is a hutch thing that goes on top of a dresser type thing that we bought. You can see that in the bottom picture. I really like all those shelves. And I plan on buying some small baskets to store some essentials in. :)

I really like this changing table. After our baby doesn't need a changing table, you can take the railing off. And then it's just a set of drawers. :)

And this is the set. I'm not sure why the other 2 pieces were not in this picture. I like the chest of drawers a lot! Very cute. And the dresser thing, love it! The taller side, it has deep shelves. I'm thinking it would be a nice place for books and stuff. That's where that hutch attaches too. Mike "super attached" the hutch to the dresser. And he attached the entire thing to the wall. Yes, that meant we had to paint the baby's room first. Which we decided on a nice green color. :)

And the crib. It's perfect! And one of the 4-in-1 cribs like Mikey's. A little more in the beginning. But in the end, you save a lot of money. Now if we just knew whether we were having a boy or girl so I could buy some yummy bedding!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Car Rug

Over the holidays I happened to mention that I wanted to buy Mikey this rug.

I hadn't seen it until I had finished Christmas shopping for Mikey. And we had already spent enough money. So I figured that I could save up the $45. And buy it sometime before spring. You know, just a fun little pre-baby sibling is coming preset. :)

The minute I mentioned it, Mike wanted to buy it. He liked it. He and Mikey are always playing cars. And my parents and in-laws we're all over it too! Everyone was talking about how we needed to buy Mikey one right now. I thought they were nuts! But no, we headed to Home Depot and Target looking. No luck! And on the website, they were all sold out!

So I was in shock this week! When we got 2 visits from the UPS truck!!

My in-laws sent this cute rug on Monday. On the website it goes for $45. Really cute with all the buildings and roads. Mike and Mikey have been loving it! All week they've been playing on it. So we decided it should go in the den. :)

Then today, we got another package...

My parents sent this one. If I haven't mentioned it before, my dad is a big NASCAR fan. So a racing rug was only natural! For $35.

Um, did you notice how the cute one that I picked out was avoided by the grandparents? :) It cracked me up! So we put the racing rug in the playroom. And Mikey put his race cars on it. The boy knows the difference!

All night, he had Mike running back and forth. They'd play with the trucks and cars on the one in the den. And the race cars in the playroom! I know Mikey just loves these things! I'm glad that our parents got them. But I think they're spoiling our little man too much. Nobody agrees with me. Apparently, that's a grandparent's job!

But these are going to be great now in the cold winter months. That way Mikey has something to entertain himself with. Honestly it doesn't get that cold here. But we could have used these in December when we got all that snow! Thank you grandparents!!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Fireman

We got our first baby gifts from the Fire House today. Those guys crack me up! But we're so grateful! Look how cute these are!

These bibs are way too cute! I can't wait to put them on our little one!

This onesie is definitely one of my favorites. It's just way too cute. And a little quirky!

Everyone around here is ready to meet our new little one. Now if we just knew if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. I say boy. Mike keeps telling me we're having a girl. Just a few months to find out!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guess What

We're expecting baby #2! I've hinted about it. I mentioned something here. And tweeted something back in November. But no one really said anything. I think they thought I was joking. Or maybe slightly crazy. Probably more of the later to be honest.

But after Mikey was born, I was told that it was going to be tough to get pregnant again. For lots of reasons I don't want to bore you with. But soon after Mike went to fight the wildfires last year, I found out we could start trying for baby #2. Ya, I know. At the time, Mikey was not even a year old. But it was good news for us. Because we want to have our kids close together. We want them to grow up together.

I didn't think I would get pregnant so quickly though. ;) By the time Mike got back from the wildfires out west, I was off of my birth control. And we honestly thought it might take a few months. No way! I was pregnant right away. We should have remembered how quickly I got pregnant with Mikey. ;)

Yup, that's our news! I'm actually 12 weeks today. Pretty cool if you ask me! Mike insists that we're having a girl. I don't know where that is coming from. But I would be happy with either a boy or a girl. As long as our baby is healthy.