Friday, February 3, 2012

I Would Have Never Thought....

Back in the day, between moving out on my own, and getting married...I lived to shop!! I can't even lie. I'd head to the store, the minute I got paid. Well, I'd pay my rent first. :) But you get the idea!

I had this fabulous closet. Full of great clothes, shoes, and tons of accessories! Loved it! I'm pretty sure, I was the most stylish student teacher out there. Which was hilarious! Then I met Mike. OK, I still would dress up. Actually, we were just talking about this. How I was always so stylish. Had the most current clothes. Now, I wear my husband's firefighter t-shirts, and leggings. With the waistband cut out :)

After Mike and I moved in together, I realized I need to "downsize" my closet. Really, who needed all those clothes! And shoes. And purses. Little by little, I sold most of those things. And used the money for furniture. And eventually, our home. A much better use of my money.

But there were things that I couldn't get rid of. Most of that, was my jewelry. I don't know why. But somehow, I didn't find it hard to get rid of blouses, dresses, shoes, purses, or jackets. But my jewelery, I couldn't do it!

Since we moved into our house, I'm embarrassed to say this, but it's been all tangled in one of our dresser drawers. 1. Who does that? 2. I never wear any of it. Because it's all tangled up. And I don't have time, to untangle it. 3. I could think of a million better uses for that drawer. Like a place to put my pjs. 4. I thank God, that Mike bought me a jewelry box, for my nice jewelry.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for church, I wanted to dress up a bit more. Put some effort into my "mom outfit." I opened that drawer. And I knew exactly which necklace I wanted to wear. 40 minutes later, I only had it half untangled. And I was annoyed!

We went to church. My necklace stayed home. In that drawer. And I was so annoyed. That I wasted all that time. I still wasn't wearing what I wanted to. And all that jewelry is being wasted. I told Manders about it. An she told me to check out Pinterest. Because she had gotten a few ideas, about jewelry storage.

When the boys went to bed last night, I started my search on Pinterest. There are a ton of ideas! But the one that I like best, was this one. Simple. Easy. And inexpensive!

Guess what I picked up today. Other than our weekly groceries. :) Yes, a few kitchen organizers. This is my project for the weekend. Hopefully Mike can get them hung, before he has to go to work. And fingers crossed, that I manage to untangle all my jewelry. You know, before I go nuts!

Isn't this a great idea? I love it! I still have a few things to search for. But I'm going to tackle this project, before I dig up anymore. And hopefully, by Sunday. So I'll be able to wear that necklace. Oh, that pretty necklace! It's been years...


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