Monday, February 27, 2012

Yes Please

I know that it's just February. But around here, it already feels like Spring. Mikey and Danny, pretty much want to be outside, 24/7. And honestly, I can't blame them. It's gorgeous outside! In fact, for the last few days, we've found that jackets, are optional. :)

It also has me dreaming about other things. Like projects for our yard, new toys for our kids, and a big 'ol porch! You see, I'm from the great state of Georgia. And it's very common to have the big sweeping porches. Where you spend long evenings, rocking in a comfy chair. Sipping some sweet tea. And enjoying your family.

I've wanted a porch like this, for a long time! Since we moved into our home. I'm a subscriber to lots of magazines. And every time I see something like this, my heart just melts. I want a porch. To just hangout, while my kiddos run around the yard.

Doesn't this just look so peaceful and inviting? Those rockers, remind me of the ones at Cracker Barrel. Oh, how I love them! I'd love to have a space like this. With big flower pots, overflowing with pretty flowers. I'm going to add this to my "Wishlist." Maybe Mike will see it. And maybe, just maybe...I'll get me a relaxing porch too! :)


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