Friday, June 1, 2012

How About a Summer Beach?

Sometimes, I really miss Georgia! So much, that I wish we'd move out there. It was the best, of so many worlds for me. :) But one of my favorite parts of growing up in Georgia, were the quick trips to the beach. We'd pack up a few things, hop in the car, and head out.

I spent so many days, playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the sun! I wish that my kids got to do that. But we live in the desert. I'm not knocking the desert. But it's so different!

When I saw this picture, I about jumped out of my pants! Are you serious? A little beach for our backyard? Wow! And ya, I found this picture on Pinterest. I told you, we're having a bit of a love affair!

I'm positive, my sons would adore this idea! To have their own beach, in our big 'ol backyard! They do love digging in the sand. And playing in the water. :) I think we could make a bigger "beach." We do have 3 kids. And I feel like they'd need some more space.

I'm gonna put this on our "to-do" list. :) Maybe Mike will get to come home soon! And we can tackle this project. Heck, we've got the wood, 2 kiddie swimming pools, and 4 of those little chairs. We've also got plenty of sand toys, and beach balls. I'm positive all we'd need to buy is the sand, something to cover it up (when we're not playing in there), some poles, and the fabric covering.

But honestly, isn't this a great idea? Something fun. And definitely unusual for the desert. I could see this little project, lasting for years. Meaning, our kids would get years of fun, out of a day of work. Good idea in my book! Now, we just need to be patient. And wait for Mike. Our head DIY-er. :)


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