Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You Pinterest!!

In the last few months, maybe even year, I've spent lots of time on Pinterest. No lie! There are so many GREAT ideas on there. And sometimes, you just need to "shake up" snack time. That's when you turn to Pinterest. And find something fun like these carmel dipped grapes. :)

My boys are good at eating their fruits and veggies. With little more than, some Ranch dressing to dunk their veggie sticks in. But this Momma, sometimes is looking for a sweet snack. These are the perfect little treat. Super quick to make! And so easy!

I buy some of those carmel squares. And I melt them in the microwave. Be careful not to burn the carmel. Literally, I had a whole bowl melted and ready for dunking, in 45 seconds! Then I take a toothpick, and load up about 3 grapes on it. This is where I differ from the picture. I dip all the grapes in the carmel, then quickly roll them in some crushed nuts. Because my carmel is pretty thin, it doesn't give a thick coat. And it doesn't over power the grapes.

What a fun, and unexpected treat! I made these on Friday. During the boys' nap time. It was definitely a fun treat for them, when they woke up. Not something we'll have every day, or every week. But a nice treat, to "shake things up." Have you found some fun snacks too? Things that are unexpected. I'd love to hear all about them!


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