Friday, May 4, 2012

Looks Yummy!

I have to come clean here. I'm a bit of a sweet tea and diet Coke addict. It's a little troubling really. But since I was pregnant with Danny, I cut myself off of my 2 favorite drinks. I mean, really, that can't be good for my babies. And you know, I've been a breastfeeding momma. So it's been since the Fall of 2009, since we were daily friends. Although, daily....I have to fight the cravings!!

So for the last few years, I've stuck to water. Water with lemon. Water with lime. Water with orange. Water with cucumber. Mike has attempted to get me to drink Sun Tea. But I just can't do it! I mean, just makes me depressed. I'm used to that "sweet nectar of the Southern Gods!"

I really wish that I had the patience to make aguas. They are super yummy. And not sweet. But a little time consuming. So I just indulge, when we go out to eat. :) Around here, they are at all the local restaurants. I might need to make an excuse, to go out tonight.

You see, I'm always fearful, that if I eat or drink too much will affect my babies. Since Mikey was a baby, I've been making frozen treats for us. Less sugar. More fresh fruit. Delicious! But the drink situation, I've never really thought "outside the box." I just dilute my kids' juice. But nothing else. Until now.

Blame it all on Pinterest! Because that's where I found this picture. But there was no link. No description. Nothing. But it looked so yummy! And it got me thinking. :)

We make fresh lemonade. Pretty often in the Spring and Summer. But this is a fresh spin on things! Raspberry or strawberry iced cubes. With the lemonade. Oh, doesn't that sound like heaven to you? To me it does! Heck, I might just make a ton of these fruit ice cubes. To add to my water. Yummy!


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